Woman reveals how to get rid of ants from your garden using two basic household ingredients

SUMMER really is the best time of year – with the warmer weather comes outdoor BBQ's, regular trips to the beach, and longer days.

But while there are many great things about the sunny days and balmy nights, unfortunately, the warmer weather also means lots of creepy crawlies – in particular, ants.

It's not uncommon for homes and gardensto be riddled with ants during the warmer months, and if this rings true to you, there could be a simple solution to your problem.

In a short clip on Tik tik, the video sharing platform, one user demonstrates how to make an ant deterrent at home using two basic ingredients you probably already have.

User Gods and Godesses shows how a mixture of honey and borax attracts the ants therefore stopping them from running amok throughout the house.

She says: "Did you know that if you mix Borax and honey and put it where you have an ant infestation, all the ants will come to drink the delicious honey? "

And it works a treat too, as you can see the plate she used to make up the concoction is completely covered by curious ants.

While the honey seems like an obvious choice, it's actually only used to attract the ants – because they can't resist the sweetness (who can?).

The borax however – despite having low toxic levels for humans and other animals – is toxic to ants, plants and fungi so it's used to gradually kill off them off.

According to ANTS – a blog dedicated to, well, ants -borax interferes with their digestive system and eventually kills them.Worker ants will consume the borax bait and bring it back to the colony for the other ants to eat – killing off the queen ant and therefore the colony.

So while you won't necessarily see the ants stop marching within seconds, you will eventuallysee a drop in the number of ants swarming your home and garden.

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