Woman reveals bloke proposed with a ‘monster’ ring which left her hospitalised – and everyone is saying the same thing | The Sun

SHE had hoped her fiance would take notice of the directions she was giving him about her future engagement ring.

But one woman was left "devastated and crying" after her man popped the question with a "hideous" ring, which then got stuck on her finger.

She and her husband-to-be then had to drive five hours to the nearest hospital, where doctors were forced to cut it off to relieve her swollen finger.

"All my engagement photos are taken in the hospital," she complained in a post on a ring-shaming group on Facebook.

She added that she'd given her fiance clear instructions on what kind of ring she wanted when they got engaged four months earlier.

"I told him I really wanted teal sapphire because teal is my favourite colour and sapphire is my birth stone," she explained.

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She had even shown him a picture of the exact ring she wanted, which was a price he could afford – and he promised his jeweller would be able to closely replicate it.

And when the ring he ordered arrived, she was "very excited" to see it.

However, she quickly realised it wasn't the mint sapphire ring she was hoping to receive.

"I was very excited for the proposal, then this thing came out of the box," she said.

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"First thing I said was "omg that's massive". I didn't like it at all but I spent a few hours trying to not hate it so much."

The size of the "hideous" and "monster" ring was even wrong, she said angrily.

"The pegs were trying to cut me at every opportunity, and it was way too tight," she wrote.

"I did get measured, twice, and I sent him my measurements from every country, but the jeweller f**ked up still.

"I'm devastated and crying. He can't get me another ring because it won't be possible before the wedding.

"I'll never be engaged for real."

She added pictures of the ring on her finger and after it was sawn off, as she pleaded: "Guys please make me laugh and insult the hell out of it because I really need to see something funny in this."

Despite her wanting to find something "funny" in the situation, most people commenting on the post instead took the opportunity to urge her to walk away from the relationship.

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"Sounds like you are compromising a lot and not getting any of what you want in return," one wrote.

"Postpone the wedding. Don't do it this way. If he isn't even listening or caring now… well.. I speak from experience and a divorce."

"This was obviously important to you and if he can’t listen and respect you enough to do this right it sounds like there might be bigger issues at play," another added.

"He sounds like he has some narcissistic tendencies and I can tell you from 11 years of experience that it only gets worse," a third warned.

However, the woman then returned to the post to defend her husband-to-be – saying that "in general, he's amazing".

"I genuinely thought I'm going to get a beautiful ring. I was actually in shock how bad it is because I never saw it coming," she explained.

"I also blame the jeweller a lot more than him, I mean I'm sad he didn't get me the one I wanted as it is for sale but the jeweller did everyone dirty the most in this scenario."

Since she shared the post, she and her fiance had gone to a jewellery store together to choose a replacement ring.

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"It's not the ring of my dreams but it was the nicest one they had there," she concluded.

"Conveniently the cheapest one too so I didn't feel bad saying I want an upgrade one day."

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