What does the time I was born and my rising sign mean say about my personality?

IT turns out that there's more to astrology than your star sign… and this is the chart which can help you wrap your head around it.

If you buy in to the idea that your birth month affects your life, then you're probably already well versed in what your star sign says about you.

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What is a rising sign?

But you may not have heard of your "rising sign", a variant on your star sign based on the time of day you were born, rather than the time of year.

The chart above, which first emerged on Secretly Obvious, can allegedly help you work out your rising sign – and what it means about your personality.

According to astrologers, the chart refers to which of the star signs was rising on the Eastern horizon at the time of your birth.

And this sign is said to be relevant in determining how you behave when you meet people for the first time, according to Mail Online.

Simply see where your sun sign meets the time you were born to find out your rising sign, which astrology buffs reckon determines what people think of you when they first meet you.

Then check your rising sign against the guide below, from Always Astrology, to see how your rising sign is supposed to affect your personality.


You're quick to the point, often acting before you think things through properly.

This makes you come across as direct, competitive and fiery, although you're never one to hold your grudges for long.


If this is your rising sign, you may be a steady, loyal and responsible person.

However, your main flaw is that you're extremely stubborn and set in your ways, meaning you're not one for change or upheaval.


You're curious and clever, which may intimidate some of the people you meet.

Your sharp mind is probably why you're so restless and impatient, although it helps you excel in most social situations.


Sensitive and shy, you don't always find it easy when you meet people for the first time.

But once you've warmed up, people will realise you're a gentle, caring and familiar person – rather than being as moody or insecure as you may have first come across.


You're the sort of person who is always in the centre of the conversation – and you always end up leaving an impression.

However, your ambition can sometimes come across as bossiness, but you're charisma means you tend to know how to play every conversation nonetheless.


Intelligent and reserved, your initial shyness can sometimes make you come across as critical or cold.

But once you get over your own worries, people will find a loyal and dedicated friend in you.


You're a pleasant person who is nice to be around – and the fact you're always surrounded by friends proves it.

The one place your charisma doesn't always help you, however, is in your love life, which you may struggle with.


You're not one to be pushed around – by anyone – and people tend to respect you for it.

Your determined and ballsy nature means you always leave a mark on people, even if you are a bit of a Marmite character who people either love or hate.


Your enthusiasm and adventurousness means you're always a little restless, which is probably why you can't stop talking all the time.

Often, you'll come across as very direct, which people usually overlook thanks to your chirpy optimism.


You're the kind of person who takes everything seriously – from your deadpan jokes to your career.

As a result, you're very image conscious, and your general competence means you will probably go on to make a success of yourself.


You're truly one of a kind, and often come across as an approachable and intellectual person.

Alongside this, you're humanitarian, idealistic and tolerant – which is why people tend to find you endearing – if a little wacky.


If this is your rising sign, you're probably a laid-back person who tends to go with the flow – provided you can get past your shyness.

You're artistic and a bit of a dreamer, but you're also adaptable and capable of changing whenever you need to fit in.

As well as your star sign, and your rising sign, there’s also your zodiac sign which reveals key traits about your personality.

This is based on the ancient Chinese legend, which tells the story of 12 animals; the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig.

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