Watch Bodybuilder Steve Cook Take on His Gymnast Girlfriend in a Battle of the Sexes Ninja Challenge

Bodybuilder and current trainer on the reboot of The Biggest Loser Steve Cook and his girlfriend, Australian gym athlete Morgan Moroney, made a recent date night into a test of physical strength by battling each other at a ninja gym.

In Cook’s YouTube video, the couple hit an obstacle course gym called The Grip, where some of the show’s contestants are working out. Steve’s never done ninja training, but Morgan has. She competed on a show Ninja Warrior-esque show called Ultimate Beastmaster on Netflix in 2018.

“I lost this competition but it’s fair to say I’m winning…if you catch my drift. #shesaweapon,” he commented on the video.

Before they get started, Moroney warns Cook that he’s in for a challenge. “This training is the stuff you wake up the next day and you realize muscles you never even knew you had before are sore,” she says.

They hit the Warped Wall for their first challenge, where Cook comes out on top. But for their second challenge, monkey bars, Moroney is superior.

“I quit early because I knew I was going to beat her and I need to reserve some of my upper body strength,” Cook jokes.

Challenge number three is the slack line, which Moroney crushes Steve, even going backwards on the line to rub it in.

“She is good!” Steve says.

For their fourth they hit the salmon ladder.

“I think I might be in trouble,” Cook admits. “I thought I had this one in the book. I don’t.”

They tie, and go into the fifth challenge, the swing course, neck and neck. Unsurprisingly, Maroney prevails.

She posted about their date on Instagram, too—although she’s a good sport, and doesn’t reveal how handily she bested her beau.

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