These Breathable Cotton Lounge Pants Were Made for Hot Sleepers — and They're Only $15

It’s probably safe to assume comfortable lounge pants are the most worn bottoms of 2020 — and will likely remain so in the new year. Nothing beats slipping into an ultra-soft, stretchy pair of pants (and staying in them for the entirety of the day), so it’s necessary to have several pairs on rotation. If you’re looking to stock up on more without spending a fortune, look no further than the shopper-approved lounge pants from U2Skiin. 

Made from a cotton and spandex fabric blend, the lightweight pants are not only breathable enough to prevent overheating, but also stretch with your every move.. The elastic waistband can be adjusted to your preferred comfort level, and the loose fit allows for decent airflow to keep night sweats at bay. What’s more, the pants can be run through the washer and dryer without pilling, shrinking, or stretching. 

Each pair will only set you back $15, but you can save more by purchasing a two-pack for $25. If the glowing reviews are any indication, you’re going to want to snag multiple pairs. 

Buy It! U2Skiin Cotton Lounge Pants, $14.99–$24.99;

“Amazon calls these pajama pants, but I call them my 2020 work pants,” wrote one shopper. “Working from home in leggings has been awesome and all, but sometimes I want pockets. And given all the pandemic sourdough I've been baking, pants with drawstrings are much better than pants with buttons. Soft, super comfy, with a natural loose fit, even on this curvy girl. I’m planning to order another pair or two.”

Other shoppers love the cotton fabric for wicking away moisture at night — one person called them the perfect “lightweight winter sweats.”

“I love these sleep pants, they have taken over as my favorite,” said another reviewer. “They are soft, comfortable, and the length is pretty long which is where I always have issues as I have very long legs. I am going to buy more for sure. They are thin enough that they don't get you too hot, and thick enough that you don't get too cold.”

You’ll find the U2Skiin cotton lounge pants in five different colors on Amazon, starting at just $15 per pair. 

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