“These are the products that keep my (dyed) blonde hair healthy”

Written by Lucy Partington

Lucy Partington is Stylist’s beauty editor. She’s obsessed with all things skincare, collecting eyeshadow palettes that she’ll probably never use, and is constantly on the hunt for the ultimate glowy foundation.

From intensive conditioners to post-wash serums and purple shampoo, these are the products beauty editor Lucy Partington came to rely on.

I first dyed my hair blonde about 10 years ago. 

I say blonde, but when I look back on the pictures it’s probably better off being described as a murky shade of yellow, so obviously it wasn’t long before I decided to go back to brunette.

A few years later, I decided to tread the blonde waters again. I started out with a few highlights, but I found myself going back to the salon asking for it to be even blonder. The problem was, however, that I didn’t look after it. After a few months my hair was snapping off so I eventually gave in and went back to the dark side.

I stayed brunette for a couple of years, but last summer I got itchy feet and wanted to go lighter so I booked in at the Josh Wood Atelier in West London. But, to my disappointment, the colourist told me my hair wasn’t in good enough condition to be able to go as light as I wanted. Instead of dyeing all my hair, he said instead he’d put the majority of colour around the front to make it look more blonde than it actually would be.

I didn’t want my hair to suffer the same as it did before at the hands of bleach, so when I left the salon I vowed to look after it, investing in and choosing only things that would benefit and improve the health and look of it. 

So, through trial and error, these are the products that I use and have managed to keep my blonde hair as strong, healthy and shiny as possible.

The best products to keep blonde hair healthy and shiny

  • Oribe Gold Lust Transformative Masque

    OK, I know this is expensive but honestly it’s probably the best thing I’ve ever used in my hair. Not only does it smell incredible but it really does deeply hydrate, it adds shine and works to help rebuild and restore damaged hair. I use it in place of my usual conditioner two or three times a week and it works wonders. 

    Oribe Gold Lust Transformative Masque, £62.50

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  • Nexxus Nutritive Encapsulate Serum

    Protein-based products are one of the best things you can use on coloured hair. This encapsulated serum by Nexxus helps replace lost protein and using it after every wash has helped strengthen my dry, damaged hair. It doesn’t feel or look thin towards the ends like it has done in the past and I’m so grateful for that.

    Nexxus Nutritive Encapsulate Serum, £26

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  • Dizziak Hydration Wash

    It’s no secret that bleach saps hair of moisture, so keeping it hydrated is vital. Dizziak’s Hydration Wash does just that (while smelling incredible). It does leave my hair feeling squeaky clean, which I know is something not everybody likes – and I usually don’t – but with this I don’t mind it because it really feels like it’s cleansing my scalp as well as my hair. 

    Dizziak Hydration Wash, £20

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  • Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

    Something of an icon in the hair world, I firmly believe that everybody should own a tub of Elasticizer. I use the pomegranate & cassis scented one, usually applying it on a Sunday morning and leaving it in all day. It’s super conditioning and makes hair look so shiny, feeling bouncy and just leaves it looking really bloody good.

    Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, £29.75

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  • Pureology Strength Cure Best Blonde shampoo and conditioner

    The thing I like best about this duo is that both the shampoo and conditioner are infused with violet pigment, so not only do they help nourish and strengthen hair but they also knock out any brassy, yellow tones. I use these maybe once a week to help keep my blonde looking fresh.

    Pureology Strength Cure Best Blonde shampoo, £15.60, and conditioner, £18.20

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  • Josh Wood Shade Shot Gloss in Icy Blonde

    Once a month or every six weeks I’ll use Josh Wood’s Shade Shot Gloss. It’s a semi-permanent colour treatment, so works in the same way as a violet shampoo in that it helps to refresh and revive the colour, knock out any brassiness but it also adds shine and nourishes hair.

     Josh Wood Shade Shot Gloss in Icy Blonde, £19

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