The Queen describes Prince Philip as 'her constant strength' as 'family is so important to her', royal expert claims

THERE aren't many couples who can say they've been married for over 72 years – but then again, most couples aren't the head of the British Royal Family.

Even though she's been married to Prince Philip for most of her adult life, The Queen still describes the Duke of Edinburgh as her "constant strength".

Appearing on Lorraine in July 2016, royal expert Katie Nicholl discussed the couple's happy marriage ahead of their 69th wedding anniversary and The Queen's 90th birthday.

She said: "He is her rock. The words she uses is 'her constant strength and stay.' And he absolutely has been."

The expert also claims the couple – who have four children together – value family above all else.

Describing Her Majesty's "happy" and "ordinary" childhood in Windsor before she was thrust into the limelight following the abdication crisis, Katie said: "[She had] a very innocent, protected childhood but a very, very lovely one.

"One that has been at the root of her because family is – and always has been – very, very important."

However, Katie claims Philip is one of the few people who can say no to Her Majesty.

She continued: "Apparently he likes to listen to the television very loudly […] and she'll say, 'Philip do turn the television down.'

"And he'll tell her to properly 'shut up'. But you would have that relationship, wouldn't you?"

What's more, The Queen – who was just 13 years old when she met her future husband – was said to have been struck by 18 year old Philip's "Viking" good looks and sportsmanship.

Acknowledging that rumours that Her Majesty had a "cold" parenting style, Katie insisted that The Queen had a "generational difference" to contend with – as well as her royal duties taking her all over the world.

Katie continued: "I think there's a very close, unbreakable bond between The Queen and Charles.

"Especially as we see Charles stepping up to the plate more and doing more on behalf of the Queen. There's a real closeness."

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