Stacey Solomon reveals the incredible VE day food platter she made for partner Joe Swash after denying split

SHE is often sharing household tips and cleaning hacks online, but Stacey Solomon has become quite the culinary artist of late, sharing snaps of her fun food designs using colourful ingredients. 

But in light of VE day, the TV host, 30, decided to use her creative skills to whip up a very patriotic food platter for her partner Joe Swash – just days after shutting down rumours they'd split.

In an effort to mark the historic occasion, the mum-of-three chose to recreate the colours of the British flag using cherry tomatoes, cauliflower and blueberries which she'd strategically placed to resemble the Union Jack.

As she put the platter together, she wrote: "We are leading all about VE day today so had to try and make an appropriate snack"

Her usual day time snacks would consist of various fruits and vegetables rearranged on a plate and turned in to exotic animals for her son Rex.

But upon completing the work of art, Stacey hilariously admitted she no longer wanted to "give it to him" as it took her so long to put together.

Poking fun at Stacey's creative work, her partner Joe, 37, says: "Its actually better than I thought it was going to be."

Which led Stacey to jokingly ask, "what's that supposed to mean?".

The couple's encounter comes just says after Stacey was forced to address rumours they'd split after her an announcement she was taking a break from social media for 'personal reasons'. 

Stacey hadn't provided details on her personal life however worried fans spotted Joe had been absent from her social media and asked if the pair have broken up.

Addressing the speculation, she posted a photo of them holding hands to reassure fans they were still very much together and wished her loyal followers well during these "really strange, scary and emotional times".

The Loose Women panellist wrote across the Instagram Story post: "… 'Personal reasons' isn't code for divorce (we aren't married you know what I mean) it just means some things are happening in our live personally at the moment.

"And some things aren't mine to share."

Lightening the mood, she hilariously admitted at the end of the post: "P.S. me and Hoe laughed so much trying to take this picture because our hands are so awkward. He wanted me to hide his nails too which was impossible."

Before wishing everyone a "goodnight".

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