Selena Gomez Created Her Delicate "De Una Vez" Makeup With These 10 Beauty Products

On Jan. 14, Selena Gomez decided to skip right over winter and delivered a glowing springtime look in her new “De Una Vez” music video. With a crown of flowers in her hair and gold sunflower earrings, Gomez looked like the lead in a fairy tale, but it was her delicate makeup that added the final magical glow to her ensemble. Sensing that we were under some kind of the spell, Rare Beauty shared a behind-the-scenes glimpse at Selena’s finished look, including a list of all the products she used to achieve the dreamy look.

“Selena’s look was meant to be a bit romantic,” said Melissa Murdick, Gomez’s longtime makeup artist, in a recent interview with Elle. “I wanted her to look very beautiful and feminine to match the overall feel of the video. I love how it all came together.” In addition to the soft pink “Happy” blush, Murdick used Lip Soufflé Matte Lip Creams (in Thrilling and Heroic) to create a rosy pink look that beautifully complimented her floral dress. Shop all of the beauty products Gomez wears in the “De Una Vez” music video ahead to bring out your own springtime goddess.

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