Scorpio weekly horoscope: What your star sign has in store for April 25 – May 1


OCT 24 – NOV 22

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No one can read you or control you with the full moon in your sign –  you are the enigma of the zodiac.

But do take the time to include specific people in your plans – because you sense a growing link between you.

Love-wise, Venus coaxes out gentle compromise skills but Mars adds try-anything courage.

So nothing about passion is predictable – as you like it!

DESTINY DAYS: Move more on Monday, sleep more on Wednesday, spend less on Saturday!

LUCKY LINKS: Rainbow- painted nails.  A space with silvery walls.  Third
option down in a list of 20.

I CHING INSIGHT: Yes, you have the ingredients for success already in
your life – and lovelife. But you need to combine them according to a
different recipe.  This is the message of THE CAULDRON.

At work, for example, practical skills are important but it’s your flair for dealing with people, and their expectations, that sets you apart.

You should also consider developing a natural talent linked to teaching.   In a relationship, bring negotiation to the fore, and talk through changes
rather than leaving them to chance – or guesswork.

If you’re single, and meet someone in a food-linked location – stop holding back your flirtatious self.

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