Scheana Shay Got a Poppy Flower Tattoo in Memory of Her Miscarriage

Scheana Shay has memorialized her miscarriage with a new tattoo.

In a new video uploaded to her YouTube channel on Wednesday, the Vanderpump Rules star, 35, reveals that she got a delicate poppy flower inked on her inner forearm in honor of the baby she and boyfriend Brock Davies lost earlier this summer.

In one clip (filmed by Davies), Shay sits down to show fans and followers all 21 of her tattoos and explain the story behind each one: “Some of them have meaning, some of them were just a fun memory but overall I don’t regret any of them,” she wrote in the description box.

Before revealing the latest addition to her collection of body art, Shay shared, “The last one I got most recently was to symbolize the baby we just lost."

"[The doctors] said it was the size of a poppy seed and I really like poppy flowers. And I decided to get one right here to remember," she told Davies as he zoomed in on the tattoo. “I think it’s probably my favorite one."

After phoning Schroeder, 32, to congratulate her on her own pregnancy news, Shay and her boyfriend went to the doctor — on his birthday — and got mixed results from her blood tests: While her HCG (pregnancy hormone) "went up significantly," it wasn't "doubling or tripling as it should" and her "progesterone [had] dropped significantly," Shay explained during the June 26 episode of her Scheananigans podcast.

The bleeding she'd been experiencing stopped after Shay went on progesterone supplements, and that, plus some research of her own, helped her hold "on to that little bit of hope" — until she went in for an ultrasound, when the doctor discovered "there was no heartbeat" and "nothing progressing" or "growing inside" her uterus.

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