Savvy mum makes massive 9ft bed for her whole family to stop her kids hogging all the space

A SAVVY mum has come up with a genius hack to stop her children from taking over her entire bed and leaving her feeling crammed.

Mum-of-two Natalie Pavitt decided to create the ultimate nine-foot bed after becoming so exasperated with fighting for space in her double. 

She managed to create her whopping bed for just £440, and has dramatically improved her sleep. 

Writing on the Facebook group Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It, Natalie said: “Bed goals. No more fighting for space in our household.

"Basically we got two double divan beds with no slip mattresses and they butt up together completely flush! (Meaning no gap for anyone to fall down, you can lay on the join and not know any difference).

"We've used two king duvets and eight pillows plus two double sheets."

The creative mum added of the cost: “Total width of the bed is 9ft. Cost us £440 including delivery rather than the £2,000 plus we got quoted for custom made! Ours even has drawers."

Natalie revealed the beds came from Bedcentre on Amazon, and included two divan bases with mattresses and headboards at £216 per bed. 

Her bedroom hack clearly struck a chord with fellow fed-up parents, and racked up over 1,400 likes. 

One person said: “Me and my partner keep joking about doing this coz we sleep in different beds and have a child each but don't have the room to do it."

Another added: “I am extremely jealous of this. If my bedroom was big enough I'd do this in a heartbeat."

And one said: “I need this in my life.”

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