Savvy mum bags £500 of baby products for a fraction of the price with secret Argos shopping hack

BEFORE welcoming your new baby, you might think you have enough stuff – but trust us, you're always going to need more baby grows, nappies and toys.

That said, it can get pricey VERY quickly – which is why we're always looking for ways to save some pennies.

Enter Holly Smith: a soon-to-be mum-of-four and bargain hunter who set up the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK.

Earlier this week, Holly posted a video on her YouTube channel where she revealed how she bagged £500 of baby products for just £112 with a little-known Argos shopping hack.

Through the company Marthill, Holly bought a pallet containing untested returns from Argos – and all she knew when she bid on it was that it contained nursery supplies.

When it arrived, the £112 box was so huge that Holly and her partner Callum had to unbox it outside their home in Norfolk.

As Callum ripped into the box, Holly admitted: "I'm really nervous because this a returns pallet – so it could be items people have returned just because they didn't want them.

"Or, they could be faulty items."

Fortunately, Holly's box contained plenty of goodies that were a fraction of their usual price – including an £140 Cuggl pram, two SmarTrike £40 bikes, and two £35 highchairs from My Babiie.

What's more, the pallet of returned items also included a £55 Cuggl travel cot with a slightly faulty leg and a £23 baby gate with a broken button that Holly was confident her dad could fix.

As for the kids, Holly bagged a £28 Philip the Dancing Hippo toy, £10 Rockit baby rocker and a £99 Cuggl baby swing – which had trouble standing up.

Holly continued: "We're going to have to test all this – it was a big risk but I have seen some people pay thousands for returns pallets and have a lot of junk.

"This was £112 so even if we got a couple items that are good quality, it's good and we haven't spent too much."

Last week, Holly shared secret baby websites where mums-to-be can get everything they need for free.

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