Rihanna's Savage x Fenty Show Doubles as a Documentary Preview

Image courtesy of Amazon Studios/Victoria Bettencourt.

Ask yourself: under what circumstance might you witness Bella Hadid, Gigi Goode, Chika, Demi Moore, Rico Nasty, Paris Hilton, and Luenell all together in the same room? The answer, it appears, would be the annual Savage x Fenty fashion show, which premieres on Amazon Prime on October 2.

The Savage x Fenty presentation has re-written the rules of what a fashion show could be (and sent a subtle message to the Victoria’s Secrets of the world that if they’re not going to be an inclusive lingerie brand, they can go ahead and just keep it). Similar to the now-defunct Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, the Savage x Fenty show is part-concert, part-runway performance, and all commercial. Where it differs, at least, in terms of its structure as a televised event (on streaming, anyway), is that this time, it is part-documentary—and gives us some insight into Rihanna’s creative process as the mastermind behind the brand.

One such insight is that, it turns out Rihanna is, like many of us, tempted to touch the things she sees in museums. “Wherever I see a fabric, the first thing I want to do is touch it,” she said. “And I get into a lot of trouble in museums because of that.” It’s clear that no matter where she goes—whether she’s in Paris or Japan or New York—Rihanna is such a designer at heart that she feels the need to put her hands on any kind of textile she comes across. Someone should probably introduce her to the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia (where, like the name suggests, you are allowed to touch just about everything).

Rihanna has made an empire out of putting an emphasis on making sure that any person of all genders and body types can feel confident in an article of clothing she sells on Savage x Fenty’s site (and it’s notable, this year, how many men of varying sizes appear throughout the performance to show just how much they are indeed feeling themselves in those Fenty boxers and jammies). Last year’s show, also known as “Savage x Fenty: Vol. 1” showed us what Normani (an ambassador of the brand) could do when given space to be the burlesque belle of the ball. The year before that, Slick Woods flaunted her baby bump on the runway and then promptly left the show to give birth.

Despite the lack of an IRL audience, at “Savage X Fenty: Vol. 2,” there are performances by Rosalía, Roddy Ricch, Ella Mai, Miguel, Travis Scott, and Bad Bunny. There are appearances from models, actors, dancers, and all-around icons galore. Plus, there are behind-the-scenes peeks into Business Rihanna’s creative process, which, this year, gives you just a taste of what we imagine could be included in her official documentary when it premieres next summer.


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