Quick and easy way for doubling space in your house from budget cupboard transformations to nifty bed hacks

LOCKDOWN has seen plenty of people turning to home renovations now that they have time on their hands.

One thing we'll always be in need of is extra storage space, but trying to come up with it when there's little room to work with can require you to think outside the box.

Savvy mums and DIY fans have been sharing their tricks online, from creating secret stair nooks and splitting bunk beds in two to divide a room.

So, if you're in need of inspiration, we've got you covered with our round up of the best home hacks that will instantly double the space you have.

They're quick and easy, and often budget-friendly too.


One woman who was short on space decided to declutter her hallway by creating a hidden nook behind the bottom stairs in her house.

The clever storage solution took four hours and she and her fiancé were left with a secret hatch that could be lifted up to store typical items, like shoes and bags, taking up unnecessary space.

The project took four hours to put together and cost a total of £25 for materials, including stud work timber and door hinges from B&Q.

Inspired by something similar she'd seen on an online DIY page, Heidi Bennett said: "It was actually super simple to make. George lifted the carpet and marked out the outline, then cut out steps using a jigsaw.

“He then built wooden supporting framework to reinforce the staircase structure. Then we installed the hinges and gas struts, and cut and re-fit the carpet.”


Cupboards-under-the-stairs can often be a perfect spot for adding a little extra space or storage to the house, with people turning the ones they have into everything from playrooms to gaming dens and beds for their pooches.

One crafty homeowner decided to utilise the space under her stairs and put together a stunning playhouse for her daughter for less than £100 using bargain products from B&Q, Amazon and B&M.

Another woman revealed how pet owners can maximise the awkward unused space to create a new home for their pups – complete with everything their dogs need from a cosy bed to food bowls and their grooming kit stashed on top.


Not everyone has the time or money to add an extra room into their house or knock a few walls down here and there, but room dividers can instantly give you that extra space without the need to bring in professionals and at a fraction of the cost.

Mums are raving about these room dividers that can be snapped up from B&Q for £57 each and they've been hailed a lifeline when it comes to kids demanding their own space.

One mum shared her delight over the easy hack on Facebook and said: "Split my kids room in half using the bnq wall dividers and I am over the moon with how they turned out!"


If the room you're working with is too small for dividers, then clothes rails are another simple way to help split up the space you have.

Instead of hanging your wardrobe favourites on the rail, hang a curtain or some fabric from it to create that extra privacy. Rails often have wheels too, so you can move them around to suit you.

Something like this cream clothes rail you can pick up for around £30 (dunelm.com).


One thrifty mum decided to split bunk beds to divide one room in two for her daughters and the result was an instant hit.

With two daughters both wanting their own space, mum Sharlene Tait managed to them exactly that while still making them share a room, thanks to a genius idea.

Posting on Facebook group DIY on a Budget Official, Sharlene explained that she used the bunk beds to split the room and sectioned off the space with wooden panels.

"This was my big lockdown decorating project, all DIY-ed by myself and my Dad. Both my girls share a bedroom, but there's a bit of an age gap between them and I wanted to give them their own space," she explained.

"We added wooden panels to opposite sides of the beds to block off the rooms. Oldest daughter has the top bunk and the first 'room' and then youngest has the bottom bunk and the 'room' at the back."

While one side of the bed is a cosy alcove, the bed on the other side has a new dressing table and desk set up underneath.


Parents have come up with a nifty way to maximise floor space in their kids' bedrooms and it involves suspending their beds closer to the ceiling.

The DIY hack means that all the floor space in the room can then be used for all the activities, with people choosing to add in extra beds, sofas, desk space and cute chill out corners.

People have been sharing their finished rooms to Facebook page Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas, with some beds attached to the ceiling via wooden frames.


DIY fans stuck with tiny living spaces have come up with a fuss-free way to make their room instantly look bigger using mirrored walls.

The cheap and clever hack works by reflecting the room in the mirror and making it appear as if it has been extended – opening up the room as a result.

One woman in Australia created a diamond mirror that covered the entire wall by sticking together mirror panels from IKEA, with the project only costing her $120 (£65) in total.

IKEA is great for picking up mirrors of all sizes on a budget, with a four pack costing around £7.

Stacey Solomon swears by the trick and previously showed fans how to create a huge panel mirror using £1 IKEA frames.


If you're stuck with a small bathroom space, Mrs Hinch has come up with a simple yet stylish way to utilise dead space that can often be found under the sink.

Investing in shoe racks that slot perfectly underneath a stand-free sink mean there's no need to use bulky units to store your bathroom essentials, like loo roll and hand towels.

It's a practical way to add extra shelves when pushed for space, with Mrs Hinch snapping up her everyday shoe rack from Amazon for around £30-40.

"Bathroom Shoe Racks ? I think they deserve a place on the grid because I bloomin love ‘em ? (sic). I bought them on Amazon guys and I now have one in the bathroom, en-suite, and cloakroom," she revealed on Instagram.

"Genius or madness who knows but Jamie definitely thinks I’ve lost it! Have a wonderful evening everyone #homehinchhome."


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