Our Editors Can Attest: 2020 Was the Year of the At-Home Hair Color, For Better or Worse

KMS Style Color Hair Spray

We can define the last year in a bunch of different ways. Some of us might say it was the year that the mullet haircut officially came back and took over. Others might say it was the year that bold eye makeup managed to capture our hearts. While both of those things are true, we’ll argue that no trend in 2020 took off more than at-home hair coloring did.

It makes sense. With salons closed for months throughout the summer and many of us left spending at lot more time at home, we not only had the opportunity to get crafty and find ways to perform our routine beauty treatments on our own, we also had more opportunity to experiment with trendy hair colors in a way that some of us never have before — just ask a few of our editors.

Read ahead to check out a few stories from our editors who tried coloring their hair at home this year.

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