My wedding dress was so heavy I couldn't walk – I had to get my friends to cut it with scissors so I could move

MANY brides dream of having a show-dropping wedding dress, but one woman was forced to CUT her train on the day with scissors as it was so heavy.

TikTok user @bmrexha shared the heart-stopping moment her bridesmaid had to hack over a metre off the end.

In a video that has over 3.8million views, the bride said: “When the dress is too heavy you can’t walk.”

She could be seen looking worried as her friend chopped the dress as they stood in the wedding aisle.

The bride explained that she had tried on the dress before the wedding day but it wasn’t finished and wasn’t as heavy.

She continued: “The dress literally came 2 days before the wedding from overseas, what else was I supposed to do?”

The bride said she had kept the chopped-off fabric so she could do something special with it and it hadn’t gone to waste.

People were shocked when she revealed the dress has cost in the five figures, so she had probably cut off a rather expensive chunk.

One said: “Imagine being this rich.”

Another added: “Ma'am you just cut 5k off the dress.”

A third queried: “WHAT ARE YOU DOING ???”

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