My mum inseminated me as she wanted to help me have a baby, my partner has no idea but I don’t see the problem

A WOMAN desperate to have a child has revealed how she got her mum to inseminate her behind her partner’s back.

Lauren and her wife Laura Leigh had planned to become parents before agreeing to take a ‘step back’ for a while.

But rather than wait to have a baby as she had agreed, Lauren turned to her mum for help.

Lisa, 53, and Lauren, 27, from Kenner, LA, appear on the news series of TLC’s sMothered which explores their extremely close relationship.

The mother and daughter’s strong bond has not gone unnoticed by Laura Leigh who admits to feeling like a third wheel.

“I married into a polygamous relationship,” Laura tells Lauren, “I’m married to you and your mother.”

But Laura has no idea just how close Lisa and Lauren are as they plan to get pregnant behind her back.

After collecting a frozen sperm sample from the sperm bank, Lisa sets about inseminating her own daughter.

Lauren says: “My momma is so ready for me to be pregnant, I mean we talk about it all the time.

“I think that if I told Laura Leigh that I didn’t wanna step back from our fertility journey that she would be the one that would want to inseminate me.

“I definitely think she would have an issue knowing that it’s my mom doing so.

“I understand that’s a bigger secret to keep from her, but I just wanna give this a try – maybe my mom is the missing piece.”

But despite her reservations, Lauren decides to press on with the insemination, with Lisa more than happy to assist with the ‘baby juice’.

She says: “I’m excited that I’m able to share this experience with Lauren, it’s something that most mothers don’t get to do.

“I gave her life so now I get to put it inside of her.”

sMothered is available to watch now on Discovery+

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