Mum's genius Christmas wrapping hack means you’ll never run of out paper mid-present

OKAY we'll admit it – wrapping presents is our least favourite thing about the festive season.

And it's not because we don't have the patience to do it neatly… but rather, we always run out of paper half-way through.

Fortunately, one savvy mum has revealed her genius hack which promises to make this bugbear a thing of the past.

Posting on her TikTok account, mum-of-three Emily Norris explained how she salvages her gift wrapping when she's underestimated how much paper she needs.

In the video, Emily starts by placing her square-shaped present in the middle of the wrapping paper.

But when she realises she hasn't got enough, she turns it diagonally – and the change of angle makes the paper go much further.

She captioned the clip: "Gift wrapping hack! When you don't have enough paper, turn your present diagonally. Now there's more than enough!"

Emily's video was a hit among her followers and the clip has racked up over 132,000 "likes".

One wrote: "So simple but so smart!"

Another added: "I wish I knew this earlier!"

A third added: "Why did I never think to do this??"

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