Mum transforms filthy food-stained high chair using Mrs Hinch's favourite £1 spray

IF there's one thing we've learned by religiously watching the likes of Mrs Hinch and her pal Stacey Solomon, it's that keeping your house looking squeaky clean doesn't have to come at a cost. 

In fact, some cheap cleaning products are so good, they can be used time and time again for various cleaning chores – and one in articular keeps providing the goods.

Chantelle Marie Holland  revealed how she completely transformed a filthy food-stains high chair using the ever popular Elbow Grease cleaning spray, and with just couple of squirts of the good stuff the chair came out looking completely brand new.

In a desperate plea to get the the chair clean again, the mum took to Facebook to enlist the help of other cleaning-mad mums in hope they'd be able to suggest a fail-safe way to get the chair clean again after a very messy tea time.

After successfully cleaning the rest of the chair with ease, the mum was at a loss when she revealed that she wasn't able to remove the stained straps in order to give them a proper clean.

Along with a photo of the food-covered high chair, the mum wrote: "Send help! Any ideas? The straps don't come off this one."

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The chuffed mum later returned to Facebook with an extremely clean looking high chair – complete with squeaky clean straps that looked new again.

After a flood of recommendations suggesting the £1 elbow Grease spray – which is a favourite of cleaning-guru Mrs Hinch – the mum gave it a go  – and she was extremely happy with the end result.

She posted a photo of the results with the caption: "Stuck in the shower with an elbow grease and a scrub. Like new. Thank you everyone."

Despite the known success of the wonder spray, people were mighty impressed with the end results which showed just how versatile one single cleaning product could be.

One person said: "OMG that's amazing! well done mummy."

While another cleaver mum suggested: "Once clean, wrap cling wrap before each clean – problem solved.

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