Mum stuns with youthful looks as people reckon she’s ‘ageing backwards’ – so can YOU guess how old she is?

A MUM shocks strangers with her youthful appearance as people claim she’s ‘ageing backwards’, and looks half her age.

Alicia Schoroth, from Canada, appears to have defied time with her sculpted abs, toned arms and shapely legs, and even she admits she’s ‘put the brakes on ageing’. 

While the 47-year-old has a physique which would rival a woman half her age, Alicia says she wasn’t always into fitness. 

She said: “In my early 20s, my health and fitness were a mess when I was at university.”

When her dad passed away due to complications with diabetes when she was 26, Alicia knew it was time to change her ways. 

She admitted: “I realised that I had to focus on my health and fitness. I was overweight as a child and battled an eating disorder in my teens.

“I joined a gym when I was 26, after my father passed due to complications from diabetes.

“I have battled my weight my entire life, I completely re-set my metabolism with my fitness and nutrition. I am so proud that today, at 46, I feel and look my best.

“I'm strong and have so much energy. I also feel my healthy lifestyle has put the brakes on ageing. I'm so proud that I can be a positive example to women over 40 to show that age is irrelevant and anything is possible.”

Alicia continued working out throughout her 30s, and at 42 she entered her first fitness competition. 

She’s beat women in their 20s to earn pro cards in the UFE, the international fitness organisation, and Alicia has even become a personal trainer focusing on helping middle-aged women achieve their goals.

After welcoming her son in 2014, the mum gave up her job as a director at a bank to start HER Power Lifestyle, and her Instagram page boasts 24,000 followers. 

Alicia regularly shares snaps of herself now compared to her younger years, prompting people to claim she’s ‘ageing backwards’. 

Commenting online, one person said: "Wonder Woman has entered the building," 

Another wrote: "Ageing backwards!”

A third thought: “Powerful post! You are not even ageing.”

This person wrote: “Wow! Gorgeous!! It is definitely harder as we get older!!," added someone else.

Explaining how she’s adapted her workouts as she got older, Alicia said: “Our bodies respond differently to exercise and food. What worked in our 20s, no longer works.

“Women over 40 need to focus on more lean proteins, lots of healthy fats, more leafy greens and veggies loaded with fibre.

“Eliminate processed foods, refined sugars and eliminate dairy and gluten which are highly inflammatory.

“Most women fear fats. Healthy fats should make up a large portion of our diets as they help with hormonal balance. We are also more carbohydrate-sensitive."

Alicia works out five times a week, focusing on HIIT, cardio and weight training. 

She said: “As we age, our body's response to exercise and food changes. I see women over-doing it at the gym with far too much cardio.

“If they do any resistance training, they don't focus or lift enough to get results. Correct resistance training is key!

“Most women either don't eat enough to build or maintain lean muscle mass (which is crucial as we age) or they eat too much of the foods that are detrimental.

“I lift and don't overdo it with cardio. Instead of a harsh session on a treadmill or other piece of equipment, a short session of HIIT or even a brisk walk for 40 minutes is far more beneficial in terms of stress on our bodies.

“I love HIIT. It can be done anywhere, it can be customised to a person's level and it helps the body produce human growth hormone, which decreases as we age. All you need is 20 minutes, four days a week.” 

Alicia said there’s a fear among women that they’ll put on weight as they get older, particularly around their stomach. 

She revealed: “Many women find they can't lose weight or start gaining weight in the mid-section.

“This can be managed with the right amount of exercise and foods. There is significant research to back this up.

“I designed my programs with this focus and have my clients sleeping better, losing weight, gaining muscle, and issues such as hot flashes or night sweats diminish or stop.”

And she urged everyone to stop ‘living in fear’ of ageing, saying: “Most of us have that fear of getting older. But instead of living in fear, I choose to move forward and continue to live the best, healthiest and balanced lifestyle I can to age the best I can.

“We have to embrace life and live in the moment. Worrying about something we cannot change only creates more stress; that leads to health issues.

“Exercise (lift weights), sleep, drink water, eat whole foods (organic, wild, grass fed). Wear sunscreen. Practise gratitude and have a positive mindset.

“I do enjoy and indulge in moderation. Balance is key to happiness and stress management as stress affects your entire body, including your looks.

"Always look after your mind, body and soul.”

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