Mum shocks internet after sharing lounge floor completely covered in Christmas presents

A MUM has shocked internet users after sharing a video of her lounge completely covered in presents for Christmas Day. 

The living room floor is entirely hidden by neatly-organised gifts, making it impossible for the family to hang out in the space. 

TikTok user @bellasmommy517 wrote: “Christmas 2020 looking a little like.”

In the spellbinding clip, the tree is completely immersed in the piles of wrapped treats, which are all ordered immaculately. 

Her video has racked up 3.8million likes from people captivated by the mound. 

One person wrote: “Literally more presents than I have ever gotten in my life.”

Another added: “This called me poor in so many ways.”

A third commented: “I have three presents under the tree for me.”

However, some people complimented the woman on how she had arranged the presents to look so tidy. 

One impressed person said: “Am I the only one mesmerised because it is so organised?”

What do you think?

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