Mum-of-16 shares easy hacks which help her feed her family for just 50p a head

A MUM-OF-16 has shared how she preps 24 meals for her whopping family in one go, and feeds them all for 50p a head.

Jeni Bonell, from Australia, uploaded a YouTube video showing a huge meat haul.

She said: “This morning’s job is to do a meat order. I’m going to make an actual list to take to the butcher, buy the meat, prep it up into meals and get it back into the freezer.”

Jeni headed off to get the meat, and then divided it up into boxes and plastic bags ready for labelling.

She said: “In a big family like ours, we can have anywhere from 10-12 people eating at meals, sometimes 18-20 and sometimes we can have over 25 people at a meal.”

“I spent a grand total of $358 (£251), beautiful quality meat. It has gone a long way. I think we’ll get a lot of meals out of it and I think it is good value.”

Her meat haul was split into 24 meals, and worked out at under $15 (£8) each meal, which is 44p per person if she is feeding her whole family-of-18.

Jeni showed on camera how her 24 meals were split up into each bag. 

These included two huge bags of beef chopped up with a kilo of meat in each, and four bags of curried sausages.

Jeni also got 30 breakfast pork sausages, and had a staggering 144 beef sausages separated out into nine meals.

She made six bags of plain rissoles as part of her meal prep.

Jeni added: “For $358 I think we did pretty good. I’m going to get some help to get all this meat into the freezer.”

Parents Jeni and Ray have 16 kids including Jesse, Brooke, Claire, Natalie, Karl, Samuel, Cameron, Sabrina, Tim, Brandon, Eve, Nate, Rachel, Eric, Damian and Katelyn.

The family regularly share insights into their hectic life on Instagram and YouTube, with Jeni saying she’s ‘blessed’ to have so many kids.

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