Mum creates incredible outdoor cinema for her sons using a shower curtain, Home Bargains cinema box and projector

WITH the lockdown in place, it is very easy for children to become stuck indoors in front of the TV.

However, one mum has revealed how she created her very own outdoor cinema in her back garden to give her sons some fresh air while enjoying their favourite films.

Taking to the Facebook group, Extreme Couponing & Bargains UK she shared snaps of her ingenious idea.

The mum revealed that she had purchased a cinema box from Home Bargains and used a projector she had bought off eBay to fashion the outdoor cinema.

An older shower curtain worked as the screen, which she pinned up on the garden fence.

She used popcorn bags leftover from a previous birthday party to make the experience even more authentic.

Captioning her post she wrote: “I did this at the weekend for my family.

“The cinema box was from home bargains. I had the popcorn bags left (from) my boys birthday party last year. I filled them with popcorn and Doritos.

“We toasted giant marshmallows on the burner. We literally just had to buy the projector £40 from eBay , we hooked up our fire stick and sound bar to it.

“Avengers end game was amazing outside.”

And fellow group members were seriously impressed, applauding her handiwork in the comments.

“Omg this is so lovely” wrote one, with another adding, “This is brilliant I'm gonna have a go.”

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