Mrs Hinch shares clever hack to keep her old shoes smelling fresh & it’s so simple

IT'S safe to assume that most of the cleaning tips and tricks we've learned have come from Mrs Hinch, who has grown a following of 3.8 million on Instagram thanks to her cleaning ways.

And now, the cleanfluencer – whose real name is Sophie Hinchcliffe – has shared the super simple way she keep her old shoes smelling fresh.

Sharing on her Instagram stories, Mrs Hinch offered a glimpse of her organised shoe drawer where her and her husband Jaimie keep their boots and trainers.

But it's the humble tumble dryer sheet which keeps them smelling clean and fresh, with Mrs Hinch revealing she stuffs one in each of the shoes.

Sophie explained: “I pop a tumble sheet into my shoes to keep them smelling nice.”

The cleaning mum-of-one uses the sheets regularly around her home, which work to absorb excess moisture and banish gross odour.

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She previously shared how she pops them in her fake flowers to help them smell like real ones.

She also recommends placing them inside the tube of a toilet roll.

Sophie previously said: “Pop one in the middle of your loo paper roll to keep your bathroom smelling fresh.”

But her clothes and underwear are also given the Lenor floral treatment, as she lines her drawers with a sheet to keep things smelling fresh long after washes.

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