Mrs Hinch shares brand new cleaning hacks including how to make your sink sparkle

SHE’S the Queen of Clean who has taken over the nation with her fun cleaning tips. 

And now cleanfluencer Mrs Hinch has revealed her top household hacks ahead of the launch of her new book, The Little Book of Lists, which is out on April 2. 

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous, Essex-based Sophie Hinchliffe, 30, shared how to leave your home sparkling and pristine.

From your dirty make-up brushes to getting the perfectly pleated curtain, the new mum has got you covered.

Thankfully her effective cleaning products don't cost the earth, and can be picked up for bargain prices at the likes of B&M and Home Bargains.

Here, Sophie reveals how to give your home the ultimate “Hinch” and leave it looking dazzling….

Give your make-up brushes a deep clean

I’ve started Hinching my makeup brushes using my Scrub Daddy, and I love it! 

I use the Scrub Daddy Caddy to steady my white Scrub Daddy (specifically the white one so that I can see if any product is left on my brushes) on the bottom of my bathroom sink, and surround it with a bit of lukewarm water. 

Using a mild baby shampoo on my Scrub Daddy, I dip my brush into the water (making sure to avoid the ferrule), and swirl the dampened bristles into the shampoo using the Scrub Daddy as a non scratch abrasive surface. 

It’s amazing for working in between the bristles to loosen the product and get those stubborn brushes clean!

Give your curtains the perfect pleat 

To create the perfect curtain pleat, cut some pipe insulation into sections (or use loo roll tubes cut in half for a free alternative) and slot it onto the curtain rail to make a perfect equal partition

De-clog plugholes in minutes

Follow these steps to Hinch your plughole! 

Pour three-quarters of a cupful of soda crystals down the plug and leave for two to three minutes. 

Then, pour down a cupful of white vinegar (this will fizz up – the best part!) and leave for ten minutes. 

Next, pour a cap of Zoflora down and leave it for one minute. Finally, pour a full kettle of boiling water down the plug to wash it all away.

Remove all hair from your carpets

Drag a window squeegee over carpets and rugs to pull up old fibres, pet fur, hair and dirt.

Use liners in your oven and fridge

This is such a simple solution, but using these liners in your oven and your fridge means they’re able to catch any food spills or burnt on debris. 

You’re then able to just whip out the liners and they are much easier to hinch with some Fairy Washing Up Liquid than a full on oven clean, for example. 

A quick dry, and then you can pop them back in. Good as new!

  • MultiWare 3 x Teflon non-stick oven liner, £4.99, Amazon – buy here 

Get your toothpaste pot sparkling

Rinse your toothbrush pot out regularly with bicarbonate of soda and water. 

Rinse and put a few capfuls of mouthwash in there and leave the toothbrushes to soak.

Hinch the underside of your saucepans

Spray the underside of your saucepan with Fairy Power Spray and leave it to work it’s magic for a few minutes. 

I then like to take the Pink Stuff and a Scrub Daddy and work a decent amount of the paste onto the burnt on bits of the underside of my saucepan. 

Again, leave that to work for a bit and then work your Scrub Daddy in circular motions across the surface to work the paste into the pan and scrub off any burnt on debris. 

Scrub Daddies are non-scratch so you won’t damage your pans. It leaves them as good as new!


You can now pre-order Mrs Hinch's book for £9.83, although its usual price will be £12.99.

The hardback notebook will include "loads of Hinch Lists and Fresh'n Up Fridays to help you plan your hinching, as well as Tadaa Lists which I love to look back on and feel proud of."

Sophie wrote on the Amazon description of the book: "Nothing feels better than ticking off those boxes and putting down my crystal pen at the end of a productive day."

It is set for release on April 2, 2020. 

Spruce your radiators with Zoflora

Mix Zoflora with water and spray onto a cloth and wipe your radiators so when they are turned on, your house smells fresh and lovely.

Mrs Hinch's book The Little Book of Lists is out on April 2. 

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