Love Island's Amber Gill says she got her dream body in just six weeks – and now YOU can too

LOVE Islander Amber Gill is in the best shape of her life after losing the love handles she gained during lockdown – and she says YOU can do it too.

People have put on an average of 10lb during the pandemic, a study by Well Pharmacy found, with Amber, 23, gaining more than a stone.

She says: “I’m naturally curvy, with a big bum and boobs, and while the number on the scales has never overly bothered me, I began to feel a bit uncomfortable carrying extra weight.

“I wanted to be the best version of my-self both physically and mentally. That was the biggest motivator and why I decided to get in shape.”

Single Amber, who won Love Island in 2019, had just moved from Newcastle into a London flat on her own when the first lockdown hit last March.

Before then, her fast-paced life after Love Island had kept her a trim size 8.

I wanted to be the best version of my-self both physically and mentally. That was the biggest motivator.

She says: “Being constantly on the go compensated for the fact that I wasn’t getting to the gym. Then lockdown came, and I was spending all my time alone.

“The only enjoyment came from planning what I was going to eat. If I wasn’t in the gym I couldn’t motivate myself and eating healthily went out of the window.

“I stopped getting enjoyment out of taking selfies or sharing photos on Instagram. I ordered takeaways because I didn’t like cooking, and was snacking because there was nothing else to do.”

Last October, Amber was labelled “fat” by TikTok trolls after she shared videos of herself dancing.


She hit back, saying: “I’m sure the people that commented are the image of perfection, so thank you for that.”

Her retaliation resonated with her 2.6million followers, attracting thousands of supportive comments and 350,000 likes.

But she says: “After some horrible comments, I was thinking, ‘I’m just going to start exercising and see what happens’.”

Amber contacted personal trainer Jon Hosking, who lives with Love Islander Josh Denzel and has trained ex-contestant Wes Nelson.

Jon came up with workout routines which were a mixture of combat, cardio and conditioning, and worked in the park with Amber four times a week.

She says: “I wasn’t training to be a bodybuilder or Instagram-perfect, I just wanted to tone up and feel my best.

"It felt like I was starting from scratch, which was tough, but because my exercise routine had been non-existent I saw results quickly. I also started eating 400-calorie lunches.”

Amber went from a size 12 back to her pre-lockdown size-eight figure in six weeks, losing 17lb.

She launched her Six-Week Blast fitness and meal-plan programme in January with help from Jon and TV dietician and nutritionist Jo Travers.

Amber says: “I have lost six inches off my waist alone and I feel amazing.

“It’s about pushing on and finding an exercise that’s fun, because once you enjoy it, it snowballs.

"That post-workout buzz is a big motivator. Start now because it will be much easier than leaving it until the week before restrictions are finally lifted.

“My 20-minute workouts combine HIIT with combat, and no equip-ment is needed. It’s tough, but it’s achievable and fun.

“Have confidence that you can do it. But don’t leave it too late. I shaped up in six weeks and you can too.”

Follow Amber's 20-minute workout

HOW TO DO IT: Repeat four times a week or sign up to the Amber Flexx Six-Week Blast.

WARM UP: 80 seconds of each: Head turns from side to side; slow punches across the body; open-arm pulses; shadow boxing.

COOL DOWN: Stretch for 90 seconds.


  •  TAKE photos to track your progress and keep yourself motivated.
  • MAKE exercise part of your daily routine, the same as brushing your teeth.
  •  REMEMBER the post-workout high you get each time. Use this for motivation.
  •  EXERCISE need not take hours. Short bursts which raise the heart rate are as effective.


ASSUME a squat position (knees in line with toes) then power up into a punch and knee drive for a combat move that is a full body fat burner.

Alternate leg and arm and repeat for 30 seconds.


STEP forwards into a lunge, then use your other leg to drive up into a kick, working the lower body and core.

Repeat on each side for 30.


LIE on the floor and cross one foot on to your opposite thigh, using just one foot planted into the floor to raise the hips and work into the glutes and hamstrings.

Squeeze up and down for 30 seconds on each leg. A booty builder.


START in a plank position, moving your bum towards the ceiling into a pike pose, then returning back into a plank and punching forward with one arm.

Alternate arm punches with each move for a deep core exercise. Repeat for eight on each side.


THIS movement begins in a high plank position, targeting the core and upper body, then shifts into the lower body as you jump up into the froggy sit.

Jump back into the plank position and repeat for eight to ten moves.

  • To sign up to Amber’s Six-Week Blast Plan visit, priced £39.99 for three months’ access

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