Jimmy Fallon and Carrie Underwood Turned Bear Crawls Into a Game

Country music superstar Carrie Underwood stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this week to promote her new book, Find Your Path, all about embracing health and fitness. Never one to ignore a theme, Fallon took the opportunity to challenge Underwood to a bout of friendly sporting competition, which he dubbed the “Fittest of the Fit Challenge”.

The contest included three rounds, starting with an assault course which Fallon described as “Dance Dance Revolution meets Twister”, followed by a game of “Bodzilla,” where he guided a blindfolded Underwood through a miniature city while he held a plank position.

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The third and final game was the “Huff and Puff Faceoff”, the rules of which are fairly simple and which turn a popular gym move into something altogether sillier and more fun.

It goes like this: three lanes are set up, with a ping pong ball in the middle of each. While in a bear crawl on either side of the lanes, each player has to blow a ping pong ball towards their opponent. After 30 seconds, whoever has blown the most balls onto the other side of the lanes wins.

“I’m out of breath already,” Fallon says as they lower themselves into their bear crawls. A little bit of flagrant cheating later, Underwood declares herself victorious.

Floor-level exercises like bear crawls are actually a fantastic way of engaging your core muscles and honing your control and stability, which in turn improves your ability when it comes to accurate, subtle movements. Here’s how to nail the move with nothing more than some space on the gym floor.

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