Inside 50 Shades playroom with whips & golden vibrators where I spanked 'Christian Grey' and he tied me up

CHRISTIAN Grey slides a lace satin mask over my eyes before slowly binding my wrists together with rope. 

All I can hear is his soft breathing…and my quickening heartbeat. 

For a moment I feel like the real Anastasia Steele but then I remember I’m at an immersive Fifty Shades experience in London and ‘Christian’ is unfortunately an actor. 

Ten minutes earlier I’d arrived in my beige trench coat (in true Anastasia style) through an inconspicuous door on a busy street in Soho. 

Once inside, suited and booted Christian greeted me with a glass of bubbly before we sat down on a plush sofa in his notorious sleek ‘waiting room’. 

“I’m going to drive you wild,” he whispered, quoting lines from the book as he led me downstairs to the red room.

When I clock the handcuffs, ropes, chains and whips hanging from the walls I begin to feel a bit queasy. 

What have I got myself in for? 

“Stand still,” he orders, as he whips out some scary looking bondage gear. “You’d be amazed what I can do with a few cable ties, Miss Steele.”

Secret cinema on steroids

The ‘playroom’ is inspired by the kinky books and LoveHoney’s new Fifty Shades of Grey pleasure collection. 

The very real workshop is designed to help fans explore their sexuality and learn how to bring BDSM into their world. 

The saucy event – think Secret Cinema on steroids – has been personally endorsed by author E.L. James to celebrate the iconic trilogy's tenth birthday.

Sexpert Annabelle Knight is also giving fans one-to-one consultations on bondage for beginners.

"Are you looking to incorporate bondage into your sex life?" she asks me, showing me an array of sex toys.

"The great thing about BDSM is you can make it as vanilla or hardcore as you like," she continues. “For instance a blind fold is non-invasive but the excitement of not knowing where your partner is of what they're going to do really spices things up."

I tell her I'm more on the PG side of things and have tried roleplay, tying my partner up and food play.

She shows me some great 'tools' for beginners, a sexy silver flogger, a faux leather spanking paddle and nipple clamps, which look a little scary.

"You can use household items around your house like tights or a tie," she continues, showing me a golden vibrator. "But safety is paramount so if you want to dip your toes it's better to invest in a few kinky pieces."

When I clock the handcuffs, ropes, chains and whips I begin to feel a bit queasy

I practice spanking Christian with the paddle and learn how to safely bind his wrists together – and set him free. Turns out, I quite enjoy bondage – and the power play.

Erotic enjoyment

After all the excitement in the red room, it's time for a glass of bubbly as I flick through the 'playbook' upstairs which includes the books' most memorable passages.

E.L James has signed each copy and has written the foreword too, it reads: “It has been ten years since Anastasia and Christian first got pages turning and Fifty Shades of Grey remains as popular now as it was then.

“The books represent an opportunity to escape into a world of fantasy and erotic enjoyment and have provided inspiration for couples across the the world over the past decade.

“The trilogy has encouraged lovers to be more open about expressing their desires and seeking sexual fulfilment and I know that Lovehoney’s official Fifty Shades of Grey pleasure collections have helped many to do just that. 

“We wanted to mark the anniversary of the first book with something special, helping fans to create their own Fifty Shades moments at the playrooms.”

Normalising bondage

Thanks to the best-selling books bondage is no longer a taboo subject. This week we revealed in our exclusive dating survey how a quarter of singletons reveal their kinky side on a first date – and roleplay and BDSM were their two of their top turn ons. 

What's more, according to Google trends fetish searches for ‘Dominance’ saw a 62 per cent search increase over the past year and searches for Bondage spiked by 31 per cent.  

Annabelle says: “The books normalised bondage and brought kink into the mainstream. 

“Lovehoney’s Fifty Shades range has been personally approved by E.J. James so they’re authentic and brilliant at bringing the books to life – in your bedroom. 

“Most people who are experimenting don’t need to rush out and spend a fortune on real bondage gear, they can use tights or a tie as restraints. 

“Before you start any play you must always have a ‘safe word’ or signal, this tells your partner you want to stop what you’re doing immediately and is usually something very unsexy which kills the mood.

If you want to stop play, say something unsexy like 'Donald Trump' in bed

“One of the most popular safe words is ‘pineapple’ and a few years ago Lovehoney did a survey and it was Donald Trump – I think we can agree that would kill any pleasure.”

On that note, it's time for me to pack up my whips and chains and go home. Pity I can't take Christian with me…

BDSM for beginners – by sexpert Annabelle Knight

SINCE Fifty Shades of Grey burst onto the scene more and more people are enjoying experimenting with bondage in the bedroom.

If you want to try it, but don't know where to start, here's my top tips to help get you started…

  • Start with your fantasies. Before you take the idea to your partner learn what it is that piques your interest first. Solo sessions offer you the perfect opportunity to explore your wants and desires in a completely safe and secure way.
  • Talk, talk… and talk some more! It’s so important you and your partner discuss things before hand; what you’re expecting from your BDSM session, anything you’d really like to happen, and things that are definitely off the table.
  • Choose a safe word – once you and your partner (or partners) have set some boundaries and worked out what you’re happy with it’s time to decide a on a safe word, or a safe action. A safe word is something that you and your partner both recognise as meaning ‘stop.’ This word should be something unusual and that you’re unlikely to say in bed during the throes of passion.
  • Play the part – roleplay is a great was to introduce BDSM play into your sex life. It also allows you to experiment in a way that you might not be fully comfortable doing as yourself. You might even find that your willing to push your personal boundaries a little bit more and step out of your comfort zone – which is quite often where exciting, great sex lies. 
  • Shop for accessories – this will help to build positive anticipation and bring you closer together. There are some bondage scenarios that you can use household items for, such as a tie as a blindfold. But bondage kits can be a great place to start, they usually offer a little bit of everything and allow you to experiment with many different sexual scenarios in one go. 
  • Check in – it’s so important to make sure that your partner is okay during your bondage play. Checking in with your partner safeguards their emotional happiness. A simple ‘Are you okay,’ or ‘Is this alright?’ can work wonders. Not only is it keeping the sexual conversation flowing, but it also ensures that everyone involved has a good time.

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