I'm a home expert & hate when the summer bugs get inside my house – my trick keeps them outside and only costs $1 | The Sun

A refreshing cool breeze might not be the only thing finding its way through your door cracks this summer.

All kinds of bugs can invite themselves into your home during the summer months, but this cheap bathroom essential will stop them.

TikTok user Anna Lanier shared her simple hack to stopping summer bugs entering her home.

“This looks ridiculous, but it works, get Irish spring and put it all over your doors, your door jams, all over your windows," Anna told her followers.

In her video, Anna's partner demonstrated the handy trick by rubbing a bar of Irish Spring along the door jam and window frames of their home.

Anna's followers took to the comment section to share their thoughts on the DIY bug-repellent.

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"I have it everywhere!" commented one user.

Another person joked: "Literally the only thing Irish spring should be for."

"It totally works! I scatter little pieces everywhere and never have any bugs!!! My grandson likes that I have ‘bug’ soap," said one viewer.

Some users suggested additional uses for the soap. One person wrote: "I wash my horses with this stuff to keep fly’s off them."

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Another follower said: "It works on mice too! My parents live on a farm and they always had field mice for years. Put chunks out and haven’t seen one in two years! Swear!"

"My cousin uses it to bathe and he never gets bit by mosquitos," commented one user.

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