I’m a gardening expert, there are loads of must-do jobs in April, including 'project sweet pea teepee’

IF YOU want to get your green space up to scratch, now is the time to get a spring in your step.

A professional gardener shared her April to-do list to keep her garden in great condition ahead of the summer.

Expert Sharon, who runs @beforeandaftergarden, explained that this is the month for sewing seeds in your outdoor spaces.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, she said: "I've sewn most of my flowers now, so I will be focusing more on the little kitchen garden up on the balcony next month.

"Salad leaves, spring, onions, carrots, and radishes are on the list. I'm creating a large sweet-pea teepee on the lawn again. Once we've had the last frost the seedlings will go in."

Sharon explained that she set up her first "sweet pea teepee" last year and is keen to give it another showing this summer.

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Using bamboo sticks to create a teepee shape provides a frame for the plants to grow up.

This way the teepee trains the plants and they can reach up to two metres high.


Sharon explained that it's important to wait until after the last front of the season before you start planting as it can kill the plants.

She said: "I won’t be planting out just yet as we have more frosts due. Currently hardening them off with some time outdoors.

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"I’ve also used a couple of these hanging basket inserts (up-cycled) I’m holding and, so far, would highly recommend.

"The roots have all grown through the multiple holes in the base resulting in my strongest seedlings.

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"I’ll plant the containers directly into larger patio pots for zero root disturbance. Will it work? I’ll let you know!"

It's important to fertilise your soil before you get planting to give your plants the best chance of growing possible.

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