I’m 26 & fell in love with the bouncer, 55, who kicked me out of a nightclub – people say it’s ‘inappropriate’

A WOMAN has revealed how she fell in love with the bouncer who kicked her out of a nightclub for fighting – and says most people think he's her dad because of the 29 year age gap.

Support worker Lauren Kerr, 26, from Middlesbrough, met fellow support worker Anthony Shaylor, 55, from Stockport, at a nightclub in Middlesbrough in 2017.

However, their first impressions of each other were not particularly positive, as Anthony was tasked with escorting Lauren out of the nightclub after she got into a brawl.

On the Monday morning that followed the incident, Lauren started her new job as a support worker, but was shocked when she turned up to work and realised that Anthony was also starting his new role at the very same company on the same morning.

For Anthony, it was love at second sight and he was attracted to Lauren’s beauty. 

Lauren was also attracted to Anthony’s charisma and how he carried himself, but it took her a little longer to fall in love.

As a work romance blossomed, the couple began dating in November 2017. 

Despite their 29 year age gap, Lauren and Anthony have fortunately had the full support of their families who want the best for the pair and in April 2020 they welcomed their first daughter Ruby, one, into the world.

For Lauren, the advantages of being with a man almost three decades older than her, is that Anthony has a wealth of life experience, is secure and stable and knows who he is and what he wants in life. 

This confidence, alongside his determination to work hard and provide for her and Ruby is really attractive to Lauren.

When in public, Lauren and Anthony have found that strangers will stare at them if they show any signs of affection towards one another. Lauren has also been asked on several occasions if she is Anthony’s daughter. 

While this used to bother her, she now says that she has learnt to laugh it off.

The couple are eager to tell the world that ‘love is love’ regardless of age.

Lauren said: “There are twenty-nine years between us and it's never really affected us all that much apart from comments from outsiders about how it's inappropriate.

“Sometimes people stare when they see us together or make comments asking if I'm Anthony's daughter.

“In the beginning it bothered me a lot but as time went on I laughed it off. We chose to ignore that and loved each other more despite it.

“Anthony isn’t bothered at all by what others think. Our families reacted really well to our relationship and just want us to be happy and I get on really well with my in-laws and they are family to me.”

Anthony was previously married for twenty-five years and had a 19-year-old son from the relationship, but is now divorced.

Lauren said: “Anthony has a son who is nineteen but he does not see him due to his ex-wife not allowing him.

“He pays child maintenance which sometimes affects us due to the amount as it puts pressure on us financially.

“Sometimes Anthony gets down about not seeing his son but I think our daughter Ruby helps a lot with this.

“I think the benefits for me to being in a relationship with someone older is they've seen life and experienced a lot.

“They're more secure and stable, they know who they are and what they want and I don’t think you find that with younger people.

“He is very confident in who he is and that's massively attractive to me.

“Also he provides and works really hard to look after me and my daughter.

“You never know what you could find in a person if you don’t give it a chance due to their age.

“It's a small thing in the grand scheme of things and actually affects others more than it affects our own relationship.”

Anthony is keen to get married once again and try for a second child with Lauren. 

The couple are eager to buy a house and travel together as a happy family, unconcerned with what other people might think.

“The plan for the future is to get married and have another child,” said Lauren.

“We want to buy a house and a campervan and travel the world and we will always do it together, as a family.

“For others concerned about falling in love with an older or younger person, trust your instincts about how you feel about that person and go with it.

“You won’t regret it.”

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