I’m 22 & mum-of-four – we live in a trailer park & here’s what I make them for lunch, trolls have the same complaint | The Sun

A 22-year-old mum has revealed what she makes her four kids living in a trailer park – and cruel lunch trolls have weighed in.

Christa Celia, from the US, often shares snippets of her life on TikTok and shared a clip of the meal she made for her youngsters.

On her @christacelia page, she wrote: “Lunch in the trailer park as a 22 year old mum of 4 kids.

“Hope everyone is having a good day.”

In the video she showed how she gave her kids nuggets, chopped strawberries and what looked like apple puree.

Her video has racked up over 400,000 likes, but many people weighed in on the size of her portions.

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One wrote: “Love watching your videos but surly that’s not lunch?”

Christa replied: “says who? i feed my kids what they’ll eat. if i give them more they’ll throw it on the floor. rather not waste food.”

However, many people shared their support.

One said: “girl I lived in a two story house and my momma never fed me lol. you doing great.”

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Another added: “You’re doing great love.”

Christa has been with her partner for over six years but that hasn't stopped trolls from asking her how many baby daddies she has.

In a previous TikTok video, the mum responded to comments, she wrote: "Every time someone asks how many baby daddies I have since I had four kids by 21."

She then used a sound that said: "I love my kids so much I gave them all their own daddy," sarcastically.

"My one bd looking at this video like," she captioned the post.

Christa explained that she first got pregnant at 17 and had her eldest son in 2018.

She then had a daughter in 2019, 2020, and 2021.

And cruel trolls have jumped to conclusions claiming all Christa does is pop babies out.

One wrote: "All you do is have babies huh? No reason a 22-year-old should have four kids already."

The mum-of-four hit back and revealed that wasn't all she does and will soon be enrolling in college to become a funeral director.

The young mum has also discussed the double standards in society when it comes to having children young.

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She wrote: "When I'm 'irresponsible' for having four kids by 21 but the dad is 'responsible.'"

Christa added: "He had 4 kids at 21 as well but never had anything said to him."

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