I regret my $20 'homemade' tattoo after finding out a deadly problem

A MAN’s tattoo experience went so horribly wrong that he is now warning others to think twice about where they get their inkings done.

Juan spent $20 on a “homemade” tat – before he and his family members soon discovered one deadly problem.  

In a clip, which has since been shared on TikTok, the tattoo fan made a plea for a professional cover up after sharing the horror design that he received when was 15.

He revealed a huge black cross inking that covered most of his upper left arm, even though it was “supposed to be small.”

But little did he know it would eventually become one of the worst mistakes of his life when his mother pointed out that the tattoo looked infected – just hours after getting it done.

“I got swelling and two sores that popped up on my arm. Not to mention that he (the tattoo artist) scarred my whole arm,” Juan said as he recalled the experience.


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“I thought this f***r had given me some sort of disease.”

Juan was taken to A & E and described being “scared” as he was treated for red sores that had infected the large proportion of his upper left arm.

And till this day he regrets ever getting taking up the cheap tat offer – warning others of the dangers of receiving inkings from unlicensed premises.

He said: “Moral of the story don’t got a homemade tattoo or you’ll get scars, ink spread – all that and a bag of chips.

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