I refuse to turn the heating on in my bedroom so keep cosy with an electric blanket instead – it's less than £3 a month | The Sun

YOU might be worried about how much an electric blanket costs to use in the current climate.

But one woman who relies solely on the devices to keep her bedroom cosy has insisted they are a game changer when it comes to staying warm during the cost of living crisis.

"Electric blanket season is here," Hanna wrote over a video on TikTok of herself putting the blanket on her bed.

"Did you know that keeping it on for four hours per day only costs you less than 10p.

"That’s 70p per week and £3 per month.

"It’s literally sooo much cheaper than having the heating on in your bedroom and it actually keeps you properly warm and cosy.

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"Heating a whole room is normally not enough to stay warm anyway but this will keep your body warm guaranteed."

Hanna added in the caption that she refuses to put the heating on in her bedroom because it's "useless", but puts the blanket on for four hours before bed and turns it off as she goes to sleep.

"This is the best money saving tip during winter ever!" she wrote.

"I rarely put the heating on in my bedroom because its USELESS and doesn’t warm up the room properly anyway, literally a waste of my hard earned money!

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"So instead I use my electric blanket and have been for years!!

"There is no better feeling than coming out the shower at night and getting into a warm bed.

"I never sleep with it on but it's safe to do so."

Hanna worked out the cost of using the 70 watt blanket based on "the new energy price guarantee ‘average’ at 34p per kWh and 4 hours usage".

"10/10 would recommend for anyone looking to save money whilst staying warm this winter," she concluded.

People in the comments section were quick to praise Hanna for sharing the tip, with many admitting they also use electric blankets to stay warm in bed.

"one of the best purchases ever," one wrote.

"Literally can’t live without a heated blanket!!! The best thing," another added.

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To which Hanna replied: "Honestly! I’d be suffering all winter otherwise."

"I got one 6 years ago never been a night without it," someone else commented.

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