I paid £220 for my dream haircut but it’s so bad, I can never leave the house again

IF you're thinking of getting a new hairstyle, professionals usually advise bringing in a photo so they can replicate it.

But for Eve, who is from the US, it seems her hairdresser was copying a completely different image.

Taking to TikTok, the social media user shared a short clip showing the stylishly cut black and red hair do she was after.

However, what she was left with was nothing like her initial request.

Instead, her hair looked like it had been hacked off with a pair of blunt scissors.

Alongside the video, Eve penned: "This man charged me £220 for this wtf I can literally never leave the house again."


And it wasn't long before her social media followers took to the comments section to discuss Eve's hair disaster.

"Let's normalise not paying them cmon they know they messed up," wrote one, while a second commented: "I’m in cosmetology school and I can literally look at that and figure out what to do how did he not know how to do that."

In response, Eve penned: “What’s worse is that he teaches hair at a cosmetology school.”

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Another noted: “We should just stop picking hair styles that looks too good for our local hair salons UNLESS they have proof of their work.”

Eve replied: “You’re right but what’s so confusing about this to me is I got this exact haircut by him six months before and it turned out great! I have no idea what happened.”

Elsewhere, a further added: “Oh my god HONEY they did you so dirty, it kind of works for you, though.”

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