I made a HUGE mistake when I named my nine-year-old son…I'm so desperate to change it

A MOTHER has revealed that she massively regrets the name she gave to her nine-year-old son.

The anonymous woman, from the US, who has an older son named Leo and a nine-year-old called Griffin, explained that she unintentionally gave her children animal-themed names.

Taking to Reddit, she explained: "I guess I'm looking for advice on how to shake this name regret."

"My son is 9 months old and named Griffin. I love his name and I love calling him Griff. That is not my problem."

"My problem is the unintentional theme between his name and my older son's, Leo. It was so unintentional."

I realised it right before naming him but convinced myself it didn't bother me."


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"However, 9 months in and I still cannot let this go and I really, really wish I could."

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For those struggling to see the connection, a griffin, or gryphon, is a mythical creature with the head of a lion, while Leo means "lion" in several languages.

The woman continued: "I have tried nicknaming him Fin but that feels unnatural and I find myself daydreaming about different names entirely."

She went on to ask how in the world she can let this go – and the responses were very mixed.

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"I'm sorry but this is kind of ridiculous," noted one. "The griffin is a mythical beast, not a real animal."

And if anybody notices, they will probably think it's the coolest thing EVER. People love patterns and themes."

"People love to find a theme where none exists! Nobody is going to side-eye you for it. If they think it is a theme, it's actually a pretty clever one."

A second commented: "I think the connection is cute. People just might think you’re really into lions. The names go well together."

A third quipped: "You’re over-analysing and spiralling into nonsense.

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"The connection is vague and not particularly negative even on the off chance someone does notice. People follow themes all the time. Name the next one lily (tiger lily)."

Meanwhile, a fourth penned: "I'm not sure I see the problem even when you know there's a connection (which 99% of people will not think about / notice). They're your cubs. That's adorable."

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