Gran transforms patio in lockdown for just £44 – using grey paint and sponges

THE past few months has seen many people get creative when it comes to DIY, and one woman has revealed she transformed her garden patio during lockdown.

Tanya Knight, a 52-year-old from Kent, was determined to spruce up her outdoor space whilst being stuck at home and managed to do so on a budget.

The mother and grandmother revealed that she spent less than £50 bringing her patio to life – and is super chuffed with the results.

"I’m a key worker and mother of a disabled son who I have been shielding since March," Tanya explained. "I have two protective bubbles for him as he needs 24-hour care.

"I find switching off difficult, so I set myself a project to transform the garden and patio. The garden is a complete transformation.

"The patio idea came from Facebook groups and after I accidentally dropped paint on my patio. I sponged it and it had a lovely effect."

She continued to "I repointed the patio using cement and sand mix and washed. I painted the lot in Dulux masonry paint slate grey and went over the gaps twice for coverage.

"I then used black masonry paint, one part paint to 15 parts water, and sponged over, carefully avoiding the edges. For the darker bits, I used two parts paint to six parts water.

"I sponged and allow the sponge to run dry as this gives a great pattern. I then sealed to protect," she added.

"It cost £44 in total and I managed to get grey paint in lockdown. I got it delivered as I try not to shop due to the risk to my son.

"I paid £22 for the paint and the rest was spent on sealer, sponges and jugs for mixing black paint and water in."

The transformation took Tanya just under ten hours and she says it has given her "so much joy" during this strange time.

"I was amazed at how good it looked! After I painted the slabs light grey I was terrified. My husband said 'you have to sort that out'.

"I was so relieved when I did phase three and could see the plan come together!"

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