Gran creates incredible Christmas funfair in her back garden – and it’s absolutely amazing

CHRISTMAS markets, lights and bustling city streets are all part of what makes the festive season fun.

But with plans postponed this year due to lockdown, a doting gran decided to create the fun at home with an incredible Christmas funfair in her very own garden.

Hoping to entertain her grandkids, the woman decided to use what decorations she had to turn her garden shed into an interactive space with lights, games and Christmas-inspired treats.

No corner was left untouched either, with every inch of the space, including the walls and ceiling, adorned with fairy lights and posters.

She shared the incredible space in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group where it was, understandably, a massive hit.

She wrote: "Did a mini funfair in the summer for the grandkids, been watching all the posts for Christmas decorations and ideas and changed the stalls to this Christmas market for them. Thanks for all the tips."

"Amazing" and "magical" were used to describe the Christmas Market funfair, while hundreds praised the doting grandma for her thoughtful gesture.

"Absolutely fantastic, your grandchildren will love it," one person said.

"And the best grandparent award goes to… This is amazing can I be your granddaughter please," another wrote.

And a third added: "This is absolutely amazing… what a really lovely thing to do for your grandchildren. Will definitely bring some Christmas spirit for them."

One thing's for certain, those youngsters sure will have the best Christmas ever.

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