Family share devastating snap of kids visiting grandparents during isolation & reveal the turmoil their family has faced

A FAMILY have shared a heart-wrenching photo summing up self-isolation showing little children putting their hands on glass to try and touch their great-grandparents. 

Florence, three, and Edith, one, were snapped pressing their tiny hands against the windowpane, with Ray and Theresa Cossey on the other side. 

Pictured still wearing their dressing gowns, 81-year-old Ray and Theresa are in self-isolation in their home in Norfolk. 

The moving image was snapped by ITV weatherman Chris Page, who shared the photo on Twitter.

He said: “This is the most adorable thing I’ve seen so far today from a friend of mine!

“Remember. #SelfIsolation doesn’t have to be lonely if managed correctly!”  

The Mail reported Theresa, who’s battling stage-two breast cancer, came out of hospital last week after having an operation to remove a tumour and lymph glands. 

Theresa, who’s received an MBE recognising her work as president of a breast cancer charity, decided to go ahead with the op amid the coronavirus pandemic knowing it meant they were unlikely to see their family for a while – which includes two children, six grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

But when granddaughter Vickie, 30, was due to make her weekly trip to see them with her two little girls, she decided to go anyway but stay outside. 

Vickie, who lives nearby, called them and they chatted as normal, and she bought toys and chalks for the kids to play with in the garden, as Roy and Theresa, who also has Parkinson’s, watched from indoors. 

She said: “I decided that we were going to go anyway. 

“Not in defiance of their self-isolation, but in a way that would get round it.

“There’s no way we would put Nanna and Granddad at risk, but I know just getting to see the girls lifted their spirits.”

She also didn't want to put Edith in danger, as she had one of her kidneys removed before her first birthday which wasn't working.

And while Vickie said it was sad seeing them “in a goldfish bowl”, Ray and Theresa adored the visit.

Ray said: “We just accepted we wouldn’t see the children, so to be able to just watch them play as normal was wonderful.”

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