Family find hidden message left by girl, 10, inside second-hand caravan – and people think she’s a ‘legend’

LET'S be honest – whenever we move out of a place, we always find ourselves fighting the urge to somehow put our mark on it.

Well rather than secretly carving your initials into a corner of the floorboards (guilty as charged), we could all learn a lesson from 10-year-old Poppy.

After her parents sold their caravan, the Australian girl wrote a sweet letter to the new owners and left it in a drawer next to her bunkbed along with a pretty white bracelet.

The letter – which was shared on the Facebook group ABC Adelaide – read: "Hi, my name is Poppy and I am 10 years old.

"This used to be our caravan and we travelled half of Australia in it. This was my bed (the top bunk) and it was very good."

Poppy then explained how the drawer where she put the letter is where she "kept all of my special things that I couldn't leave behind when we went travelling".

"I hope you enjoy this caravan very much," she continued. "I have a message for you; follow your dreams and if you have the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind."

Unsurprisingly, the Brisbane-based family who bought the caravan loved Poppy's message and shared it on Facebook where it racked up over 90,000 "likes".

One replied: "Poppy you're a legend. May all your dreams come true with much love health and all the kindness happiness of the world."

Another wrote: "Wise words Poppy – for then, for now & for always."

"What a lovely thing to find in a drawer," a third said. "When I get my caravan I'd love to find one of these in it."

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