Fake tan fan gushes over Garnier tinted moisturiser which gives a natural glow for a fraction of the effort

AS the warmer weather approaches, we all like to do our bit in preparing for the summer season.

But after being rugged up and hidden from the sun in what feels like forever, most of us are probably lacking the bronzed glow we all seek to possess – bring on swimsuit weather.

Luckily for us, one woman has revealed her secret to an everlasting glow – and it doesn't involve exposing your skin to the harsh UV rays, or risking the ultimate fake tan fail.

Instead, the woman claimed that Summer Body Deep Moisturiser by Garnier is the answer to all pale skinned problems and there's "no stained sheets, no streaks, no smell, just a natural tan."

The now bronzed beauty was so impressed with the result of the tanning moisturiser that she had to share her find with others looking to tan up as we creep into warmer days.

Posting in Facebook group 'Extreme Couponing and bargains UK', she explained that she would normally use Aussie self-tan Bondi Sands, and said that she "got tired of the whole routine of exfoliating, applying moisturiser to my elbows, knees, hands and feet. Then to have the mess of my sheets and the smell of fake tan."


And after admitting that her "expectations were low" when it came to Garnier's body moisturiser, she claimed that she was "amazed" by the results", and it only "took five minutes to do."

Praising the product, the said: "[It] takes five minutes to do, no stained sheets, no streaks, no smell, just a natural tan! Doesn’t wash off but if you want to up keep the colour apply every 2nd/3rd day."

She then added: "You are in control of how dark depending on how much you apply! I would highly recommend this."

And it appears she wasn't the only one loving the result of the glowing moisturiser, with many impressed tanners gushing about the product themselves.

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One happy tanner said: " Love this stuff, I go with a group of children swimming on a Thursday so I put my first coat on a Tuesday night and the second coat on a Wednesday to add a warm [glow] to my winter white legs for when I go to the pool. "

And another said: "I have used this for years and years. I swear by it. I can get a full natural sun tan look if I want to, or a golden glow, depending on how often I apply. I use the deep tan one. The light one doesn’t show much on me"

A third added: "Brilliant stuff. I love it, been using it for years."

Meanwhile, a fourth person wrote: "Amazing I have been using this for years."

We could go on and on with the raving reviews since the post has racked up over 1,200 of them.

Many posters were already avid users of the wonder product, while many others had been quickly converted after seeing and hearing about the glowing results.

The product information on Garnier's website says that the moisturising lotion "intensely moisturises and gradually builds a natural looking tan in harmony with your skin tone", and is enriched with natural extract of apricot  for added skin–loving benefits.

Looks like this will be our new best friend, because we always want the effortless sun-kissed glow without the effort – all year round, though, not just in summer.

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