Embrace lightweight beauty with these make-up swaps to spring out of lockdown

FOR the past year we have put thick foundation and liquid liner on furlough and spent far less time on our morning make-up routine.

And our skin has thanked us for it.

This is one simplified area of lockdown life we do not want to give up.

It is time to embrace lightweight, quick-to-apply and mask-proof products as we get ready to socialise again.

Think blushed cheeks, bright eyes and barely-there bases – making a big impact but with minimal effort.

Siobhan O'Connor here runs the rule over eight essential make-up switch-ups.


WE are all used to our bare face after months of letting our skin “breathe”. So why stop now?

The catwalk, from Victoria Beckham to Burberry, welcomed dewy, fresh-looking faces while Meghan Markle made a case for summertime freckles in THAT interview.

So, instead of reaching for the full-coverage bottle, try a tint to even out skin tone and conceal blemishes while letting your natural glow shine through.

Use your hands to pat into your face.

  • Dewy Skin, £26, ciatelondon.com


WHILE winter months often call for a moody, smoky eye, spring is all about colour.

Cut corners with a one-sweep eye stick – painting it over your lids for an instant pop.

Dominic Skinner, global senior artist at MAC, says: “Purples are the perfect colour for spring, and we saw the shade in many catwalk shows – it complements all tones, too.

"If the retro look is daunting, try a pastel shade all over the lids.”

  • Purple stick, £20, Nudestix at beautybay.com


WHETHER it is dark circles or break-outs, we all have our skin woes.

But rather than a thick liquid concealer which can stick in fine lines and creases, try a colour corrector.

Go for green to hide redness, and orange if you have a darker skin tone or pink if you have a lighter skin tone to target dark circles.

There is a whole colour wheel to try – just apply a light layer before your base.

  • RMK Basic Control Color, £16.80, lookfantastic.com


FOR sunny days in the park, you need shimmering skin with extra glow.

But instead of that strip across your cheekbones bouncing light away, this season is all about having a more muted, hydrated look.

Swap your dripping liquid highlighter for a balm.

This glides on with a single easy stroke, requires less blending and gives an all-day dewy glow.

  • Haloscope highlighter, £18, glossier.com


IT has been a while since we put our face on for a day out, so make sure it stays put by setting.

But instead of mattifying with a powder, go for a less visible texture by misting a spray all over your skin.

This will lock it in while still keeping the hydration levels up.

It is speedier too – just spritz and go.

  • e.l.f. mist and spray, £5, Boots


WITH masks pulled on and off more often than sunglasses, we need a lippy that does not rub off or smear cheeks.

Make room for a balm in your beauty kit, where lipstick meets gloss. It brings a tint of colour, dose of moisture and is easy to re-apply on the go.

The creamy formula doubles as a blusher.

Dominic says: “I love a lip balm – who doesn’t? But there are more ways to wear it than you realise. Try with a lip liner, too.”

  • Milk lip and cheek, £13, cultbeauty.co.uk


TRADITIONAL formulas are often the answer to achieving volume and length with your lashes.

But tubing mascaras, which wrap polymers around the lashes so they do not smudge, are mastering the same trick.

They can be rinsed off with warm water at the end of the day without leaving you with panda eyes.

Instead of layering up to create volume, try coating the lashes once.

  • Play lash mascara, £17, MAC Cosmetics


EMBRACE those unruly brows you have gained while staying inside.

Instead of trying to pencil them into a neat line, reach for a gel and fluff and feather them out.

After all, our brows and eyes are the key features that will be doing a lot of the non-verbal talking.

A lashing of gel and a quick gap fill, if needed, is a lot quicker to maintain.

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow gel, £11.40, beautybay.com

Face up to facts

AFTER months of wearing minimal or no make-up, now is the time to prep your skin for when we are allowed out on the town. Celeb make-up artist Bryony Blake shares her tips for avoiding breakouts and irritation:

APPLY SPF: This is a super important step, though many people find their skin can react to SPF, so find one that works for you. My favourite is the La Roche Posay Anthelios Ultra Light, £17.50, Boots.

WASH BRUSHES: Before doing anything, definitely make sure you have cleaned your tools, especially if you haven’t used them in a while.

CHECK DATES: Make sure your make-up is not out of date. As a rule of thumb you should not keep mascara longer than six months or lipsticks a year.

PRODUCTS WITH BENEFITS: As you may have allowed your skin to rest more over the last few months keep your return to make-up light. Look for products which are “clean” and have benefits, like BFF Skin Perfector, £25, trinnylondon.com – this is rich with antioxidants.

DON’T TOUCH: It’s tempting to touch your face, especially when wearing masks or if you start to feel a spot coming, but this could transfer bacteria. Avoid at all costs.

HAVE BREAKS: Don’t go from zero to 100. Remember to give your skin breaks, so remove make-up when indoors and definitely do not wear it during exercise.

CLEANSE: If you haven’t been wearing make-up you may have got into the habit of rolling into bed without washing your face. It’s important to remove make-up and cleanse in the morning and before bed.

MATTIFYING MOISTURISER: To avoid oiliness throughout the day as we move into spring, I like to change up moisturiser and use one that has mattifying properties like the Trilogy Mattifying Moisturising Lotion, £25, lookfantastic.com.

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