Dad whose home is so cold his wife cooks in dressing gown breaks down in tears over dream job on Rich House, Poor House

A DAD whose house is so cold his wife cooks in a dressing gown breaks down in tears after millionaire businessman helps with dream job on Rich House, Poor House.

Michael Howard, 31,gave up his semi-professional football career after suffering knee injuries – and now travels an hour and half a day to work as a manager in a sports shop.

He and his wife Natasha, 28, can't afford heating during the cooler months, so the mum-of two is forced to cook for her family while wearing a dressing gown to keep her warm.

Natasha looks after their two kids full-time – Isiah, seven, and Tiani, six – while Michael hopes to fulfil his dream of becoming a property developer.

In Sunday's episode of Chanel 5's Rich House, Poor House, Michael's dreams come true when a millionaire businessman offers him a well-paying job – leaving him in tears.

Trevor Cutmore is a property developer and lives in one of Lincolnshire's most exclusive villages in a four-bedroom house on more than an acre of grounds

Along with his wife Marie and 13-year-old daughter, the Cutmore family swap lives, budgets and homes with the Howard family.

The Cutmores are use to a life of indulgence, often splashing out on £400 dinners, £1,000 bottles of wines and £2,500 watches.

While the Howards joint income still puts them in the bottom ten per cent of earners – and often have just £109.95 to spend a week.

Upon meeting at the end of the week, the millionaire, who trains people to be property developers, offers the struggling dad-of-two a mentorship program for free, which normally costs an eye-watering £24,000.

This will allow Michael to learn what it takes to succeed as a property developer which will give him more time at home with the family.

What's more, the successful businessman also offers Michael a chance to have his own business, and says he'll put him in touch with his investors – leaving Michael in tears.

"We've seen his heart from his friends and family, this is the time to help," Trevor says.

"This doesn't feel real, having this opportunity is everything," Michael adds.  

Trevor tells Michael that he can make a couple of thousand each time he finds a property which is of interest to one of Trevor's investors.

"This is a start," says Natasha, offering her husband a tissue.

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