Dad turns cupboard under the stairs into amazing Harry Potter snug for his son with Lidl and eBay bargains

A DAD has transformed the cupboard under the stairs into a magical space Harry Potter would actually like to live in.

Creative Louis turned the space into a snug for his Harry-Potter loving son – with exposed brick walls and quotes from the series.

Mum Emma shared the finished object on Facebook's DIY on a Budget group, writing: "Little Harry potter cupboard under the stairs for our little boy".

The parents bought bargains from eBay and Lidl, with the entire project costing £184.55.

Emma told Fabulous: "It was my partner who did all the hard work along with our 19 month old son. It was a father and son project.

"Brick walls were painted using a sponge, carpet was specially made from eBay, wallpaper bookcase and all stickers were also eBay and the light was from Lidl.

"It was previously used as a storage cupboard."

Transformation in numbers

  • Paint – already had
  • Wallpaper – £11.50
  • Solemnly swear sticker- £3.79
  • Hogwarts poster sticker – £6.99
  • Harry potter quote sticker – £14.72
  • Harry potter carpet – £75.00
  • Underlay – £20
  • Black carpet – £35.96
  • TV and wall bracket – already had
  • Cupboard under the stairs sign -£3.99
  • Small pot of paint for bookcase – £1.30
  • Sponge – £1.30
  • Glitter light – £10
  • Total cost: £184.55

Among the room's stand-out features are bookcase wallpaper, a carpet showing Hermione, Ron and Harry running through the forest, a Hogwarts scene, lava lamp and two movie quotes.

The toddler even has his own TV in the room, so he can watch Harry Potter to his heart's content.

Parents were seriously impressed by the finished object, writing: "I love this", "we need one of these"and "nevermind for the kids. I want one for ME".

One lass said: "I'm not even into Harry potter but this is amazing! Lol well done", while another commented: "amazing wish I a big under stairs cupboard would love to do something like this".

Others gushed: "very fun space", "looks fantastic", "class i need something similar" and "awesome!!"

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