Cleaning fanatic gets filthy pan sparkling again using just a TEA bag & there’s no scrubbing at all

CONFESSION time – if we can't get our filthy pans clean again after a thorough scrub and soak, we'll simply chuck them in the back of the cupboard and call it a day.

But if you make a habit out of this, we all know it only makes it worse in the long-run – so next time you're tempted, why not try this savvy woman's tea bag trick?

Earlier this month, TikTok user Samira Kazan – who runs the account Alpha Foodie – revealed how she got her pan sparkling again without any scrubbing.

While the pan was still sticky with grease, Samira chucked a tea bag in and filled it with boiling water.

She added: "For hard stains, add a bit of vinegar."

She then left it to soak for half an hour and then poured it out into the kitchen sink.

And just like that, her formerly filthy pan looked sparkling new again – but she gave it a quick once over with some washing liquid for good measure.

"No need to scrub," she added. "Yay yay yay."

But how does it work? Well not only do tea bags make an excellent cuppa but The Spruce reports that their acidity helps it cut through grease.

The clip has racked up almost 120,000 views on TikTok – and people couldn't believe how well it worked.

One replied: "OMG wowwww!"

Another added: "What sorcery is this??"

Meanwhile, a third wrote: "Did I just witness magic?"

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