Chocoholics are challenged to name the bar from the gooey insides – so how many can YOU get right?

CHOCOLATE fans are being challenged to put their love to the test and see if they can identify tasty bars from their gooey insides. 

The tricky test has 20 bars to identify – and some are more obscure than others. 

Ken’s Chocolate Quiz includes 20 well-known brands that only have a cross-section of their middles on display. 

Do you think you know your Mars Bars from your Milky Ways?

The photo challenge is actually a lot harder than it looks, and could leave even the most avid of chocolate lovers scratching their heads. 

How well will you do? Scroll down for the answers…


  1. Yorkie
  2. Crunchie
  3. Boost
  4. Kit Kat Chunky
  5. Toffee Crisp
  6. Picnic
  7. Topic
  8. Bounty
  9. Peppermint Aero
  10. Turkish Delight
  11. Double Decker
  12. Snickers
  13. Reese's Nut bar
  14. Cadbury's Caramel
  15. Lion bar
  16. Fudge
  17. Milky Way
  18. Mars
  19. Star
  20. Wispa Gold

Perhaps you are better at recognising chocolate bars from their wrapper?

We’ve hidden the logos on Britain’s favourite bars, so are you a wrap star when is comes to identifying them?

The answers are below…


1. Daim

2. Boost

3. Flake

4. Kit-kat

5. Crunchie

6. Topic

7. Ripple

8. Yorkie

9. Time Out

10. Twix

11. Curly Wurly

12. Nestle Crunch

13. Dairy Milk

14. Starbar

15. Wispa Gold

16. Toffee Crisp

17. Double Decker

18. Lion Bar

19. Mars

20. Snickers

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