Bridezilla considers uninviting her own sister from her wedding – as she can’t afford any of the gifts on the registry

A BRIDE-to-be has taken aim at her sister and even threatened to uninvite her from her wedding because she can't afford any of the gifts she's listed on the registry

A screenshot of the woman's Facebook post was shared on Reddit which saw the future bride ask for advice on what to do about her sister, who ended up in tears over the gift suggestions.

Running through some possible solutions, the bride-to-be asked whether she should add more affordable gifts to her list, accept cash, or simply "dis-invite" her sister. 

The woman, who appears to be from the US, reportedly shared her conundrum to the That's It, I'm Wedding Shaming Facebook group, where people were shocked to learn of her materialistic and unreasonable ways.

She started the post my saying "hey queens" and said: "I'm getting married next year, and I just sent my gift registry to all of the "confirmed" guests.

She continued: "My sister called in tears, and said she can't afford anything on my gift registry.

"Should I: Put some cheap things that I don't really need on my gift registry to make sure people who can't afford it don't feel bad; put a note on the gift registry to say that cash gifts are also acceptable; disinvite my sister from my wedding."

The bride-to-be signed off the post with "Namaste", followed by a prayer emoji which is what some people mocked most.

While it's not clear if the bride was joking or being serious about her request, people on both Reddit and Facebook were shocked.

"Cancel your wedding and book a therapist," one person mocked.

"A wedding isn't about gifts. I hate people like this" a second commented. 

And another suggested: "If you're that greedy over gifts, maybe tell people before you invite them so they don't feel bad about ditching your wedding." 

Others made fun of the bride for using the Hindu greeting "namaste", with one commenting: "You can namaste the hell away from me with that ridiculously expensive gift registry."

And another saying: "The Namaste is cherry on the top of this bridezilla sundae."

Meanwhile, one person quipped: "Disinvite someone because she/he cannot afford a gift? Can you afford any of the gifts? If not, maybe you should disinvite yourself from your own wedding."

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