Astrologer who predicted coronavirus shares what the next six months will bring – & it’s a big year for Meghan and Harry

AN ASTROLOGER who “predicted coronavirus” has revealed what the next six months has in store – and she says the disease is here to stay.

In February 2019 Jessica Adams shared her extraordinary insight that a virus would “disrupt the world” in 2020, and even mentioned the date the first victim died in Wuhan – January 10.

And now the psychic has revealed her predictions for the coming six months, and she claims there is no sign of the virus slowing.

Speaking to the Daily Mail she also revealed what the royal family can expect in the weeks to come and whether we can expect Trump to return to office for a second term.

Want to know what’s coming our way? Read on…


Unfortunately things look rather bleak for the disease according to Jessica’s prediction.

She says that we shouldn’t expect a vaccine and instead the world will simply “learn to live” with the illness.



According to Jessica, 2021 will either see the Duchess of Sussex make a “fortune for charity or take Harry to the cleaners”.

She also claims that we will see no improvement in the Sussexes relationship with the Cambridges.

Instead the couple will become involved in a food orientated business with a “handsome” businessman.

The couple have already been building their empire having signed a Netflix deal reportedly worth £112 million in September.

Netflix said: “The couple already have several projects in development, including an innovative nature docuseries and an animated series that celebrates inspiring women.

“But we are not disclosing any of the programming slate at this time."


It’s bad news for Trump as Jessica says that the next American leader will not be Republican, with the president set to be a “feminist” committed to promoting equality.

If this is the case we may see The Donald leave the country, after he told fans that he would relocate if Biden won the election.

Democrat candidate Joe Biden currently leads in the national polls, but Trump sensationally overcame a deficient to Hillary Clinton to score a shock win back in 2016.


Joy to the world! Jessica says that Christmas 2020 will go ahead as we will see positive astrological cycles that haven’t been present in decades.

We should be watching out for big news on 21st.


Boris Johnson will apparently delay the final Brexit divorce because Jessica is expecting Italy to head in the same direction.

She predicts that the country will also abandon the EU at some point next year.


Greta Thunberg will be able to hang up her boots by 2026 according to Jessica.

The astrologer predicts that the climate crisis will be resolved in just six years time.

She remarks that the teenage eco-warrior will then fall back into a more relaxed way of life.

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