Alicia Keys's Latest Interview Reads Like a Poetic Love Letter to Her Hair

In both her songs and casual conversations, Alicia Keys remains a poet. The singer and emerging beauty entrepreneur recently shared some profound gems in an interview for the autumn/winter 2020-21 issue of Glamour UK, in which she discussed activism, motherhood amid the pandemic, and the politics of hair. On the latter, Keys said, “Hair is such a gorgeous expression of our individuality and deserves to be respected.”

Although she’s always harbored a bit of a “tomboy nature,” she said it was her grandmother who instilled in her certain beauty practices early on. “If I didn’t have matching socks she’d be flipping out and she always did my hair perfectly,” Keys said. She added: “I’ve always been proud of wearing braids and I love learning about the power of hair. I’ve always felt royal when I wear braids. There’s something so beautiful about the Blackness of it, about my African ancestry that I just feel truly connected to.”

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